Babies and Children

    Bowen img_0909Therapy is such a gentle therapy, making it the ideal choice for helping babies and children with many issues they may be suffering with. Bowen encourages the body to self-heal, and resets and relaxes with gentle, rolling, moves over different areas of the body. Many babies and children appear to find Bowen enjoyable and relaxing, and look forward to each appointment as they get to know their therapist, and know more about what to expect from each treatment.

What can Bowen do for babies?

Therapists have found that babies respond positively to Bowen therapy. Bowen may help babies who have unresolved physical issues due to a difficult or lengthy birth. Bowen can also help babies who have slow bowel movements and suffer with indigestion. 

tumA baby may suddenly change from a calm and happy infant, to one who cries often, is hard to settle, and has a difficult time sleeping. These issues may be caused by wind, neck discomfort, head ache, or another pain in the quickly-growing infant, adapting to life outside the comforting environment of the womb.

Bowen concentrates on ensuring the baby’s diaphragm, and the back and neck are relaxed, which in turn can help reduce the symptoms creating discomfort in the baby. After a short Bowen treatment of just a few moves, a baby suffering with colic often appears much calmer and happier, and one which returns to sleeping well, and without the pain and discomfort they suffered previously.

What can Bowen do for children?

20150322_160128Children can find a relief or reduction of many childhood issues. Some issues can be helped with a single treatment, but often a few treatments, or long-term regular treatments are most beneficial.

A child who finds it difficult to stay dry through the night, can find they are dry from the night after a treatment and onwards. Sometimes a few treatments are needed, to find the root of the problem causing the bed wetting, but children often find positive results very fast.

Children who suffer with sleep disturbances can find Bowen is able to improve their nights, resulting in happier, calmer, and more focussed children. For children who are on the autistic/aspergers spectrum, parents have reported that regular Bowen treatments have been seen to improve their concentration, periods of anger, sleep, motor control, and overall to reduce difficult behaviour.

Children who suffer with anxiety can find regular Bowen treatments relaxing, and helps to reset their ‘flight or fight’ response, helping to calm their emotions.

20140808_112837Symptoms of asthma and eczema have reduced in children having Bowen, and have allowed parents to wean the children off strong medications over time (with their doctor’s advice). The frequency of chest and ear infections is also seen to be less in children who have Bowen, as their bodies tend to be more relaxed, balanced, and healthy than before starting treatments.

Children who suffer with headaches and migraines can find a great relief after having a Bowen treatment, and find a regular ‘top up’ is able to maintain a headache and migraine free life.

For children who develop a passion for sports, Bowen can help support their rapidly changing bodies, and help with any injuries they may suffer. Keeping the body balanced while doing sporting activities can mean performance is at it’s peak, and a child may suffer fewer sports-related injuries.

Do you feel your baby or child may benefit from Bowen? Get in touch to discuss what your child is going through, and to see if Bowen may help.